Whether we’re manufacturing consumer retail garbage bags for our in-house brands or for other companies, we approach every job in the same way: with quality as our top priority. Everything we create is made using leading-edge technology, the highest-quality resins and world-class machinery.


Under the banners of our national garbage bag brands—Quikki©, Econo© and Snappy©—we develop products based on insightful research and customer feedback. It is only when our designs and formulas have been tested and proven effective that we recommend it to other retailers.

When it comes to developing private label garbage bags, retailers can rest assured that we have the experience needed to create a successful product category. Whether it’s a question about size, colour, price point or unit count, we know what works because we’ve already done the legwork.


We provide strategic and confidential contract manufacturing to the North American plastics industry. Whether it's a seasonal promotion, supplemental capacity or the addition of a new product line, we are your silent partner in success. Our relationships are important to us, so we adhere to a strict confidentiality policy on all contract business.

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Keep rodents out of garbage bins with our newest product, Mint-X Trash Bags.

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