Made with world-class resins and the latest in biodegradable resin technology, our complete line of compostable products is available in various sizes to meet the needs of municipal composting programs. All compostable bags are ASTM 6400D-approved and are compliant with Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ).

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  • Stronger plastic for bigger jobs

    Our industrial plastic bags offer the same value without sacrificing quality. Engineered to hold a range of heavy materials, our line of high-performance industrial bags are strong, consistent and puncture-resistant.

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  • Extra fast
    Extra convenient

    We know that the faster a full garbage bag is tied, the better. As such, we have become a world-class leader in manufacturing sine-wave type closures. Simple and convenient, these bags feature handle ties that are easy to grab and close off. Fast-tie bags are available in various formats, including kitchen bags, garbage bags, lawn/leaf and extra-large sizes. Available with two-flap or four-flap handles.

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  • Keeping food fresh and safe

    Whether it goes in the fridge, freezer or lunch box, we have storage bags to keep food fresh for as long as possible. Because El-En Packaging prioritizes safety, our full line of sandwich bags, utility bags and freezer bags are made with only FDA-approved, high-clarity resins in our HACCP-certified facility.

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  • Get a grip

    We manufacture kitchen bags, garbage bags, and lawn/leaf bags with drawstrings for a sturdy grip and an easy close. Drawstring bags and ribbons are available in various colours.

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  • Make garbage a cinch

    Our twist-tie bags are extra-strong because they are made from the highest-quality resins. Available in convenience and club-pack formats, twist-tie bags are offered in the following sizes: kitchen, garbage, lawn/leaf and extra-large.

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  • We’re not reinventing the wheel

    Only making it better. Our bags-on-a-roll are interleaved for easy dispensing or perforated for easy tearing, and bag counts can be customized per roll. Convenient to dispense, bags-on-a-roll also stay clean and wrinkle-free while being stored or in use.

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  • High-strength performance

    Our embossed bags for household use are textured for extra-strong performance. Available for indoor and outdoor use in standard counts and sizes.

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  • Safe, all-natural pest control

    Highly effective against rats and raccoons, Mint-X Trash Bags are a safe and natural deterrent. Infused with a natural mint scent, Mint-X Trash Bags dissuade pests from gnawing through trash bags to eat the refuse inside.

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  • The clear solution

    El-En Packaging's clear, clear green and clear blue bags are compliant with municipal recycling programs and can be used for garbage and waste as well. Available in drawstring, sine wave or regular closure, our clear bags are extra strong and ideal when transparent storage solutions are needed.

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    6400D APPROVED


El-En Packaging has one of the most extensive selections of consumer retail plastic bag products in North America. Whether it’s a contractor bag, extra large garbage bags, drawstring bags, embossed bags, or compostable bags, we have the right products for your business.

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Keep rodents out of garbage bins with our newest product, Mint-X Trash Bags.

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